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Feng Zikai studied under Li Shutong [3] [8] and Xia Mianzun [1] [8]. In the sixth year of the republic of China (1917), he organized tongyin Painting Association with his classmates, and joined Dongshi Association, which studied stone and seal carving. In the eighth year of the republic of China (1919), he held the first exhibition of his works with colleagues of the Painting Association. In the tenth year of the Republic of China (1921), he went to Japan and studied oil painting at Kawabata Foreign Painting School in Tokyo. In 1922, he returned to China and taught painting and music at Chunhui Middle School in Shangyu, Zhejiang province. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Feng Zikai successively served as the People's Representative of Shanghai, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Artists Association, vice-chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art, and president of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy. [8] On September 15, 1975, Feng Zikai died in the emergency observation room of Shanghai Huashan Hospital at the age of 77. [6] Feng zikai has made outstanding achievements in cartoon, calligraphy and translation, and has published more than 160 books of calligraphy and painting, prose works, art theory and music theory. [3] Most of his paintings take children as the subject, humorous and reflect social phenomena [5], which were recorded in primary school textbooks during the Period of the Republic of China, and his prose was included in Chinese textbooks. Among them, the cartoon is favored by the world with its artistic proposition of "high melody and crowd" and its artistic characteristics of "small can see big, and there is a lingering sound outside the string".
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