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Company case about Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Latest company case aboutGreen and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

According to le Figaro on October 21, 1.5 million animals fell victim to plastic waste in the ocean in 2013. Laurence Morris, of the French Institute for Development Studies (IRD), says the problem is likely to grow. Marine pollution caused by plastic waste has a huge impact on animals. In the North Pacific, 30% of fish eat plastic. All species, including birds, whales and turtles, are affected. Many animals eat this plastic waste, which can be fatal to them. The toxins in the plastic end up back on the table. The whole of the plastic floating in the ocean has been dubbed the "Seventh Continent," the report notes. The plastic waste consists of unrecognizable objects, including the usual bottle caps and plastic bags. Human behavior and ocean currents cause this plastic waste to become concentrated and polluted in the north Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic and central Indian Ocean. The largest concentration of plastic waste is in the waters between the US states of California and Hawaii, the report said. Discovered in 1997, it now covers an area of 3.5 million square kilometers, seven times the size of France. Every year, this pile of plastic waste increases by 80,000 square kilometers.