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Company case about Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Latest company case aboutGreen and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Its work poetry calligraphy, painting subjects for fishing father, ancient wood, bamboo stone and so on, good at painting landscape, plum blossom. The cursive calligrapher gong Guang, the landscape calligrapher Dong Yuan, is very bold and creatively developed With bold brushstrokes supplemented with rich ink techniques, showing a spirit of vast depression, ancient thick and simple. Standard bamboo writer, Li Niu, in his later years specialized in standard bamboo. Mozhu zong Wen Tong, wen Tong after another everyone. Good at using ink, dripping rich, for the crown of yuan. And work ink flower, also can portrait. With the bamboo mask its painting, the town with the painting mask its bamboo. Although his painting can not be taken away, but with good paper and pen, he is happy to do a few, whatever he wants to do, is also available. Poetry style simple jin qi pull out, sincere feelings, often by comparison with the chest, close to tao Qian poetic style, insipid and inside real anger. Calligraphy can combine wang Xizhi's and Huai Su's long, but it has its own features. Each painting is often poems on it, or line or grass, ink dripping dripping, poetry, books, paintings set each other off into fun, the people named "three unique". Its painting style on the development of Ming and Qing landscape painting, has a greater impact. He and Wang Meng, Huang Gongwang, Ni Zan, and called the four yuan.