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Company case about Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Green and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

Latest company case aboutGreen and low-carbon modes of production have taken shape.

In addition to Dong Ju, Wu Zhen also inherited the landscape painting style of Jing Hao, Li Cheng, Fan Kuan and even the courtyard style of the Southern Song Dynasty. In the late Ming Dynasty, Chen Jiru said, "... (Wu Zhen) copy fisherman smoke wave scenery, such as the bamboo tree cong painting, and with the jingju brush force out, then into a large volume." In wu Zhen handed down works, there is its Lin Jing Hao "Fishing father map". According to the American Folier Art Museum collection Wu Zhen Lin Jinghao "fishing father figure" from the title: "Yu Xi Xi guantong landscape, qing Qiu lovely, the original so, out of The jinghao brushwork, see jing painting fishing father figure, there is such a production, then imitation as an axis..." Wu Zhen jinghao, Guan Tong school of landscape love can be seen. Among the first-class painters of the Yuan Dynasty, wu Zhen's greatest characteristic was that he not only drew on the painting techniques of Dong Ju and Jing Guan, but also absorbed the painting styles of Ma and Xia, which were universally rejected by the contemporary people. Mr. Xie Zhiliu, a famous landscape painter and connoisseur, said, "Only he (Wu Zhen) combined extremely different techniques to contain the bones of the Southern Song Dynasty." The courtyard style painting of the Southern Song Dynasty suffered a great blow in the whole Yuan Dynasty, especially few of the literati painters inherited the courtyard style painting. However, in wu Zhen's early works, we can find many scenes of horses, summer corners or similar scenes of corners. Songquan (1338), Yu Yin (1334) and Lutan Fishing Boat (1334) are typical examples of ma and Xia. Ma, Xia regardless of rocks, trees and other scenery painting processing, or composition, layout of the management are to win by the risk, the pursuit of risk, performance of qi bone become ma, xia landscape outstanding characteristics. Yuan four other three are flat, only Wuzhen cheng ma, summer, in the flat to send strange risk. Songquan (painted in 1338, the fourth year of the Zhi Yuan Dynasty) is a masterpiece of Wu Zhen's pursuit of adventure. It is shot in a hollow of a mountain, where a spring pours out like three ribbons. In the blank part of the concave, an ancient pine tree leans out from the left, giving a sense of abruptness. There is no typical painting style of horse and summer in Wu Zhen's late works, but the tree and stone techniques of horse and summer often appear in the picture. It can be said that Wu Zhen is to take the bones of the horse and the summer away from its rough, and blend the charm of dong and huge and take its peace, forming a qing Chun, yun, plain art style.