Information China can draw from US’ protests

June 23, 2020
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The US has been rocked by protests for over a dozen days and Saturday's demonstrations reached an unprecedented scale.

The protests have reflected numerous issues in the US, but I would like to discuss the phenomenon from a different perspective, namely the valuable information China can draw from the US protests.

These protests are defined as "riots" by the US government, and they have clearly shocked the US. But the impacts are unlikely to become subversive, as almost all observers agree.

In fact, as long as protests around the world don't escalate into uprisings, don't become destructive riots that absolutely negate legal order, are not pushed by strong external adversaries, they won't fundamentally shake the country where they erupt. Threats posed by protests will also be limited.

Certain general protests in some developing countries have escalated into color revolutions. The international environment, in which certain Western countries proactively promote this change, is a fundamental catalyst for such revolutions.