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Company case about Mineral resources

Mineral resources

Latest company case aboutMineral resources

Has been the development and utilization of 46 species of zhangjiakou, 3 kinds of minerals including energy (coal, uranium, geothermal), metal mineral eight (gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum), non-metallic mineral 34 kinds of (mainly include phosphorus, fluorite, graphite, zeolite and bentonite, pumice, limestone, etc.), 1 moisture and mineral resources (mineral water).
Zhangjiakou coal mines are mainly distributed in Yu County, Yangyuan, Zhangbei, Xuanhua and other counties, with a total of 26 mining areas, including 4 large and medium-sized mining areas, with reserves of 3.646 billion tons. Iron ore is mainly distributed in Chicheng, Chongli, Zhuolu, Xuanhua, Huai 'an, Yangyuan, Qiaodong district and other counties, a total of 65 mining areas, including 3 medium-sized mining areas, reserves of 411 million tons. The gold and silver deposits are mainly distributed in Chongli, Chicheng, Xuanhua, Zhangbei, Zhuolu, Huailai and other counties, with a total of 19 mining areas, including 1 large and medium-sized mining area, with reserves of 65.43 tons of gold and 2,637.79 tons of silver.