On the other hand, it also deeply reveals the common people's understanding of the Olympic spirit

October 25, 2022

Republic of China, the Republic of China year (1912) in January, changed the government to Tao. Since the right side is Shuo Fang, it is changed to Shuo Fang road. Two years of the Republic of China (1913), and changed back to Ningxia Road. Seventeen years (1928) of the republic of China on October 17, the central government of the republic of China for the 159th time meeting resolution will ningxia road (that is, the north road) old eight counties (county, NingShuo county, ningxia pingluo county, ZhongWei County, LingWu County, jin county, the existing peace far) deposition and ningxia army make their (i.e., a la shan flags, mesozoic-cenozoic merger in ningxia province. In January, the 18th year of the Republic of China (1929), the government of Ningxia Province was established. Today's Yinchuan City of Ningxia was the capital of Ningxia and called "Ningxia Provincial City". He also assigned Dengkou County to Dengkou County in Baag of Alxa. In January OF REPUBLIC 22 (1933), Chiang Kai-SHEK APPOINTED MA Hung-KUI AS the CHAIRMAN OF Ningxia Province, AND MA HUNg-KUI assumed the presidency OF Ningxia. In September of the 22nd year of the Republic of China (1933), the eastern part of Zhongwei County was designated as Zhongning County. On April 1, the 30th year of the Republic of China (1941), the two counties of Ningxia and Ningshuo were designated as Yongning County, and the northern part of Pingluo County was added to Huinong County and Taole County, and Ningxia County was renamed Helan County. In April, 1933 (1944), Yinchuan City was added. Thirty-four years of the Republic of China (1945), the Lingwu County under the Wuzhong town changed to Wuzhong City. New Ningxia Lingerqi nine counties: Alxa banner, Azina banner; Ningxia County, Ningshuo County, Pingluo County, Zhongwei County, Lingwu County, Jinji County, Yanchi County, Zhenrong County (later changed to Yiwang County, then changed to Tongxin County), Dengkou County. The Xiangshan, Juyan and Purple Lake were added. Thirty-six years (1947), the local government of Ningxia established Yinchuan City. Since then, until the eve of liberation, the whole area has added up to 13 counties, 1 city, 3 administrative bureaus.