Pillar industries in the national economy have become more stable.

February 14, 2022
Latest company case about Pillar industries in the national economy have become more stable.

Zhangjiakou city is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, and the Yinshan mountains run across the middle part of the city. Zhangjiakou city is divided into two parts: the dam and the dam. The territory of yanghe, Sanggan river across zhangjiakou city east and west, into the Guanting reservoir. Zhangjiakou city belongs to the inner Mongolia-Greater Hinggan Mountain fold system and the Sino-Korean pentaplatform two grade ⅰ tectonic units. The Inner Mongolian-Daxing 'anling fold system is a geosynclinal region developed from proterozoic to the end of Paleozoic, which distributes only in the north of Kangbao with a very small area and sporadic outcropping of strata. The development of Chinese and Korean quasi-platform structures can be divided into three stages, which reflects the active, stable and active evolution of the crust. Zhangjiakou city has 2 deep faults and 7 large faults. Magmatic rocks are relatively well developed, with large distribution area and complete rock types. There are nine cycles of magmatic rocks, each of which begins with extrusive rocks and ends with middle-deep intrusive rocks. Ultrabasic, basic, neutral, alkaline and acidic rock, batholith, dike, strain, dike, rock cover a complete range of occurrence.