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Company case about The industrial chain has been significantly modernized.

The industrial chain has been significantly modernized.

Latest company case aboutThe industrial chain has been significantly modernized.

In ancient times, yellow Emperor, Yan Emperor, Chiyou "yi in a zhuolu, together with Busan".
During the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, Zhangjiakou was inhabited by xiongnu and Donghu in the north, and belonged to Yan and Dai in the south.
During the Qin Dynasty, the south was changed to Dai County, and the north was shanggu County.
Han dynasty, most of the territory of youzhou, a small part of the Wuhuan, Xiongnu, Xianbei.
Sui, east chooljun, west yanmen county.
During the Tang Dynasty, the northern Part of the Turkic land, sanggan governor's house, the southern part of hebei Province, Guizhou, Xinzhou, less hedong Province, Weizhou.
After the five dynasties, a Liao xijing road.
Jin Shi belongs to Xijing Road.
Yuan, Zhangjiakou city is a book province.
In Ming Dynasty, Zhangjiakou city in addition to Yu County area belongs to Shanxi Datong Province, the other are the Capital (shun Tianfu, Beijing).
In the Qing Dynasty, the north is the north of the three hall (Duolonoor Hall, Dushikou Hall, Zhangjiakou Hall), the south is xuanhua Fu (xuanhua).
Two years of the Republic of China (1913), zhili province chahar special district xinghe Road and koubei Road.