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Latest company case about The industrial chain has been significantly modernized.
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The industrial chain has been significantly modernized.

 Latest company case about The industrial chain has been significantly modernized.

Wu Zhen shi Cheng aspect, in Dong Yuan, juran income is the most. As a matter of fact, Dong Yuan and Juran were not literati painters, but because they lived in the South of the Yangtze River and depicted the mountains and rivers there, they created a plain and innocent, vast and profound landscape painting style, which properly showed the charm of mountains and rivers, which was exactly what literati painters dreamed of after the Song Dynasty. Starting from Mi Fu, Dong Ju painting wind began to be favored, extended to Zhao Meng ð« ¯, Yuan Four, Dong Ju painting wind greatly respected, the whole Yuan dynasty landscape painting world mostly to Dong Ju, strive to rhyme outside Wu Zhen on Dong Ju is a very deep effort, he said: "Dong Yuan painting" Cold Forest Chong Ting Map ", vigorous brushwork, rare in the world, because of the view of its original work, copy its in case.
Huang Binhong, a master of modern landscape painting, said: "Wu Zhonggui learned a great deal, easy to close for the neglect, less different, to start with Dong Ju, famous later generations." This fully proves that Wu Zhen is to study dong Yuan landscape painting and form their own appearance. Dong Qichang's title is on the monumental work Autumn Mountain, which is now in the Palace Museum. It says, "Monk's monumental painting was collected by Wu Zhonggui in the Yuan Dynasty, and later belongs to Yao Gongshou. When Yao tasted it, he got it." It is natural that Wu had collected juran genuine works and was influenced by them. Qing Wang Qi cloud: "Yuan Ji Mei Taoist legend of the great but the bowl, I see" Endless ", "Guan Shan Qiu Ji figure" two figure, are to get the marrow..." The comparison between The "Guan Shan Qiu Ji Tu" and "Qiu Shan Tu" shows the inheritance relationship of water method, tree method and stone method. From wuzhen handed down ink, Wuzhen mainly inherited dong Juping far composition and texturing method. Wu Zhen creatively developed pingyuan and far-reaching composition methods, and combined them into a typical broad and far composition. The near soil slope, the distant mountains undling, leaving wide water in the middle, this kind of composition of one water and two banks, just fit the yuan dynasty literati bland, peaceful state of mind. Wu Zhen texturing method mostly uses Dong Ju PI Ma Cun, light ink texturing brush, thick ink dot moss, appear loose and ethereal. In addition, there are obvious inheritance relations between the alum and water patterns on the hill and Dong Ju.