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Stroke economy, exhibition workers, there is no clear division of labor, a variety of functions, set at a suit, with a group of people is not only the exhibition organizers, and exhibition management, is also the exhibition project implementers, from exhibits solicitation to exhibit transportation, collection and provide exhibitors ChiZhuXing services shall be borne by the same people, show business lack of scientific specialization of social division of labor cooperation, necessarily inefficient. In the future, exhibition industry must form a situation of professional division of labor and cooperation. The business scope of exhibition supporting service companies will be further specialized division of labor. Exhibition evaluation, exhibition consulting, exhibition design and decoration are promising industries.
Exhibition professionals in our country is a lot of mid-career, future exhibition professionals must accept regular exhibition education training, overall quality greatly improved, especially the managers, the project manager's service quality, need to have very high work enthusiasm, the best service spirit, broad thinking, keen insight, advance predictability and skilled foreign language, familiar with the modern international exhibition business, more to participate in international competition and cooperation. The general knowledge level of the employees reflects the management level of the exhibition industry.
The international exhibition industry is not limited to the concept of exhibition and sale of products, more consideration is to establish a product image or corporate image, the pursuit of a long-term, lasting brand effect. All the developed countries in the world attach importance to the brand effect of exhibition and have their own brand exhibition and famous exhibition city. China's exhibition industry to achieve brand management is also the only way. In the future, exhibitions in China will be re-integrated. Some exhibitions will grow and develop in the competition, some will disappear in the competition, and some will merge in the competition, thus more brands will emerge.



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PDC equipped with advanced CNC cutting lathes, corresponding auxiliary equipment and the multifunction pump testing bench. PDC bring in the top technology and raw material and equipment such as the Double side grinding and lapping machine. also have a set-class technology we also have a series technology and outstanding management team 100% according to ISO standard.


Beijing, April 13, 2022 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have designed a new quantum direct communication system with a hybrid encoding of phase quantum state and time-stamped quantum state, successfully realizing 100 km of quantum direct communication. This study shows that using the existing mature technology means, some scenes cannot be relayed quantum direct communication is feasible, such as satellite-ground quantum direct communication, point-to-point quantum direct communication between some cities, etc. It can reduce the number of trunks, reduce the cost of link nodes, reduce communication delay, and improve communication performance and user experience.