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Company case about Get involved in sports.

Get involved in sports.

Latest company case aboutGet involved in sports.

Antithrombotic drugs can be divided into anticoagulant drugs, antiplatelet aggregation drugs and thrombolysis drugs:
A. Anticoagulants are drugs that interfere with coagulation factors and prevent blood coagulation, which are mainly used for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases.
B, antiplatelet aggregation drugs are divided into three generations: aspirin is the first generation, ticlopiridine is the second generation, and platelet glycoprotein ⅱ B / ⅲ A receptor antagonist is the third generation. Among them, the advent of platelet glycoprotein ⅱ B / ⅲ A receptor antagonist is an important milestone in antiplatelet therapy.
C, fibrin formed in blood clotting can be broken down from arginine - lysine bond by plasminase into soluble products, resulting in thrombus dissolution. Fibrinolytic drugs activate fibrinolytic enzymes and promote fibrinolysis, also known as thrombolytic drugs, in the treatment of acute thromboembolic disease. The first generation of thrombolytic drugs streptokinase (SK) and urokinase (UK) are still the most widely used varieties at home and abroad. With the advent of prourokinase (Pro-UK) and other new generation of thrombolytic drugs, these drugs are gradually popularized and applied in clinical practice.