On the other hand, it also deeply reveals the common people's understanding of the Olympic spirit

October 25, 2022

Ming Dynasty, at the beginning of the government in Ningxia, after the change of Wei. Once added Ningxia Zuo Tun Wei, Tun Wei and the avant-garde, central defenders, defenders. After that, Ningxia Town and Guyuan Town were set up, and nine defense areas were set up along the Great Wall, called nine towns, which were two of the key towns along the Ming Dynasty.
Qing Dynasty, Shunzhi five years (1648), the Qing Dynasty in Ningxia governor, a Shaanxi secretary, under the system, Ningxia quasi provincial. After the retreat, it was changed to Ningxia Prefecture, under the state county, belonging to Gansu, but the general of Ningxia was promoted to the governor, and the general of Manying was added to Ningxia, still without losing the provincial pattern.