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Company case about Photo cold wild goose figure

Photo cold wild goose figure

Latest company case aboutPhoto cold wild goose figure

Wuzhen likes to use wet ink for landscape painting. In fact, Wuzhen is not bad at using dry ink. Among dozens of bamboo paintings handed down in Wuzhen, almost all of them are painted with dry ink, which has achieved good results. The reason why Wu Zhen used wet ink in landscape painting has a great relationship with the realm wu Zhen wanted to express through landscape painting. The landscape painting of the Northern Song Dynasty pursues a kind of scenery that can be traveled and lived in. While the Yuan people took landscape as the medium to pursue a scene with my own, the pen and ink not only used to express the body, but also acted as a medium of emotional expression. Among the four yuan families, Wu and Ni were famous for painting water. Ni liked to use dry ink and Wu liked to use wet ink. Ni used dry ink to lightly dye, creating a barren, Plain environment; Wu uses wet ink to render a sad and tranquil environment. On a closer look at each landscape painting in Wuzhen, it gives people the feeling of "ink dripping behind wet". No matter the mountains, trees, water, boats, fishermen or houses, no matter the close-up or the distant view, they are all like showers in the water, thus making the distant scenery thousands of miles away and creating a lonely, relaxed and lonely artistic atmosphere.