The drama confronts the present situation of people's lives, including the midlife crisis

October 25, 2022

On April 21, 1954, the Hedong Hui Autonomous Region of Ningxia was formally established, with Wuzhong City, Jinji County, Lingwu County and Tongxin County under its jurisdiction. On July 14, approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yinchuan City was merged from six districts into four districts. In September, Ningxia Province was abolished and merged into Gansu Province. On Nov 3, after Ningxia was merged into Gansu Province, the administrative divisions of Hedong Hui Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region remained unchanged, and the new Yinchuan Autonomous Region was created.
On April 28, 1955, Hedong Hui Autonomous Region of Gansu Province was renamed Wuzhong Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province, with Jinji, Lingwu and Tongxin counties under its leadership and Yanchi County under its administrative authority. On December 1, The State Council approved Yanchi County to be formally placed under the jurisdiction of Wuzhong Hui Autonomous Prefecture.
On November 15, 1955, with the approval of The State Council, Xihaigu Hui Autonomous Region was renamed Guyuan Hui Autonomous Prefecture.